Food Puns by Jenny Acosta


New York-based artist Jenny Acosta created a delightful series of illustrated food puns in gorgeous colors featuring witty wordplays.

She describes: “Food is a universal language that flows through many cultures. I love the poetic yet utilitarian qualities that food has. This series is a lighthearted ode to my love of food puns and witty combinations of words. What started as a Valentine’s Day note is growing into a lasting, healthy relationship between me, my paintbrush, and my tastebuds.”

jennyacosta_Food Pun Feast_01jennyacosta_Food Pun Feast_02jennyacosta_Food Pun Feast_03jennyacosta_Food Pun Feast_04jennyacosta_Food Pun Feast_05jennyacosta_Food Pun Feast_06jennyacosta_Food Pun Feast_07jennyacosta_Food Pun Feast_08jennyacosta_Food Pun Feast_09jennyacosta_Food Pun Feast_10
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