Lovers In Vacuum By Photographer Hal


Photographer Hal is an artist working and living in Tokyo, Japan. With bathtubs, couples and love being important themes throughout his work, he returns with a new series of disturbing photographs of lovers in vacuum sealed package. Through the medium of photography, the couple has become Photographer Hal’s chosen topic to express and speak about the love, “a grand theme in mankind”, as he calls it. The images from ‘Flesh Love Returns’, a continuation of the project ‘Flesh Love’, depict fresh couples wrapped in plastic bag in different locations in Tokyo. A quite bold when it comes to concept, the project required finding the right people to be involved. Photographer Hal was walking around Kabukicho in Shinjuku and underground bars in Shibuya to find the individuals coming from all walks of life – musicians, dancers, strippers, businessmen, unemployed etc. The couples also show a rich diversity, contrasting in age, race and lifestyles, to show the universal nature of love.

All images © Hal

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