Anthony Zinonos’ Refreshing Take On Collage Art

Anthony Zinonos

Oakland-based collage artist and illustrator Anthony Zinonos uses found materials to make art that lightheartedly displays the experience of being human.

A vested interest in color and paper means that Zinonos has applied his collage style to a wide range of editorials, book illustrations, murals, and animations. Like many works of art, Zinonos uses his medium to make subtle commentary on experiences and emotions that are universally felt. For example, the work titled ‘Weekend’ depicts with great simplicity a person sprawled flat on their back—exhausted by a long week, perhaps. ‘Holding It Together’ is both literal and metaphorical, but whether for life or oneself, the viewer can’t say. ‘Happy Place’ displays a small child chilling in a summer-time pool tube; a happy place indeed.

All images © Anthony Zinonos

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