A Collection Of Mirrors Inspired By Glaciers

Founded this year by artist Fernando Mastrangelo, FM/s is an experimental art and design studio, specializing in unique sculptural objects and conceptual design. Coming in a limited edition, their ‘Drift Collection’ is a set of unique mirrors inspired by glaciers and natural Earth’s formations. The collection took root in two pivotal voyages – to Patagonia, which inspired the pieces’ color palette, and the Grand Canyon, serving as an example of natural sand’s ombre effect. Balancing between functional and fine art, the mirrors are covered with hand-dyed sand and powdered glass. The polished surface contrasts with the expressive texture of the other parts of the mirror, challenging the viewer’s expectations of conventional design objects and their functionality.

DRIFT_mirror_untitled_03 DRIFT_mirror_untitled_03_portrait DRIFT_mirror_untitled_02 DRIFT_mirror_untitled_01 DRIFT_mirror_untitled_01_detail2 DRIFT_mirror_untitled_01_detail DRIFT_mirror_untitled_01_action

All images © Fernando Mastrangelo Studio