Muun And New Tendency Collaborate On A Bed For Modern Comfort


Inspired by the dialogue between individuality and form in American modernist architecture, mattress specialists muun invited Berlin design studio New Tendency to collaborate on a modular bed. New Tendency fuse the values of functionality and conceptual design, aligning with muun’s creation of sleep products that can be adjusted to individual needs. Photographed in a lookbook by Alberto Figueroa, the bed is captured at the Sheats-Goldstein Residence. Its lightweight powder-coated aluminium bed frame can be turned upside-down to offer varying height ledges and frame depth. The bed can also incorporate modular units of a wooden or upholstered headboard and box springs, and is available in the colourways anthracite, white and rosé. About the product, muun co-founder Vincent Brass explains, “We refused to let the design concept for the bed be subject to any rigid rules. We wanted something that stood above commonly known categories like box spring or futon. We wanted it to be as many-sided as comfort itself.”

All images © Muun

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