Posturing Explores New Movement In Fashion


Posturing is a photographic exploration of new movement: featuring editorial work, it highlights how the position of the body can be used to tell new stories in new ways.

Inside this fashion tome is the work of 21 contemporary fashion photographers, whose images are being shown alongside interviews with them and those who work closest with them: stylists, set designers, and commissioning editors. Edited by Holly Hay, the photographic editor of Wallpaper*, and Shonagh Marshall, an independent fashion curator, Posturing celebrates aesthetic oddness and its place in fashion photography. In a recent interview, Marshall explained, “Posturing defines a new movement within fashion photography where there is a new approach to posing the body. The layout, order and positioning of the photographs within the first half of the book highlights funny and extreme positions the body is placed in as a product of a collaborative conversation between photographer, stylist, commissioner, set designer and the magazine. These voices are captured in the second half of the book, which includes 10 interviews with the most important voices from this movement, ultimately asking the reader to think about the role and function of a fashion image.” Designed to demystify the process of image-making, Posturing illuminates the practice of fashion photography. In doing so, Marshall explains that their aim with the book is to spur on conversation about topics as wide-reaching as body-ideals, money, race, and gender.

All images © SPBH Editions

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