Furniture That Promotes Interaction By Kusheda Mensah

Kusheda Mensah

British born Ghanaian designer Kusheda Mensah has created ‘Mutual’, a range of curving furniture pieces designed to “encourage others to configure their own social spaces.”

The furniture pieces come in a range of subtle colors and include seats, bolsters and backrests. The modular units can be slotted together in different combinations, allowing customers to explore and interact with the furniture. Mensah’s motivation behind ‘Mutual’ was to restore the ways people communicate and interact with each other in today’s digital age. Aware of the ways in which social media has changed how individuals bond, and how it has created a rift between people in real life situations, she designed ‘Mutual’ to represent the “mutuality, connection and closeness shared between humans, as well as the human form itself.” The hope is that the furniture collection will help humans reconnect and promote better social behaviors. At the root of all of Mensah’s work is her commitment to creating a “fun and functional” living environment.

All images © Kusheda Mensah