Robin Ek’s Inner Visions Highlight The Discord Between Dream And Reality

Inner Visions

Swedish creative director Robin Ek’s surreal series ‘Inner/ Visions’ makes you question the relationship between your subconscious and the real world.

Setting suns, bloody skies, blurred cities and faceless people make ‘Inner/ Visions’ a journey into Ek’s subconscious. The London-based photographer was first attracted to the liberating and expressive capabilities afforded by the medium, explaining that it provided him with an “unadulterated creative outlet.” Coming from what he felt was a rather constricted career in design and art direction, he uses the camera to creatively express his own experiences. Unbound by client briefs, his photos explore his personal vision of a world that appears to be both on the verge of an apocalypse and a renaissance. ‘Inner/ Visions’ was born out of Ek’s reoccurring dreams of the world’s end: intrigued by the heightened feelings of fear and curiousness that these dreams provoked, he began to experiment with light and context to create a visual manifestation of his dreams.

All images © Robin EK

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