Atelier Général Creates An Aerial Home


As Mount Shefford’s slope gives way to a dense maple forest, a black-clad minimalist home cantilevers above the trees. Designed by Montreal-based firm Atelier Général, this residence artfully merges with the mountain.

The Rock‘ has views of the jagged landscape mountain and the forest that it cantilevers over — the design both sympathetic and in communication with its surrounds. With living areas located upstairs, the residence offers free-flowing spaces connected by a floating roof whose laminated wooden structure is on show throughout the home. Each of the axes of this space finishes with a glass wall, offering a prismatic view of the forest. This integration with nature continues throughout the home; the forest is used to provide privacy and walls where there are none. The triangular veranda completes this synthesis, nestled in the leafy cover of the mountain.

iGNANT-Architecture- Atelier-Général-The-Rock-001
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iGNANT-Architecture- Atelier-Général-The-Rock-006
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iGNANT-Architecture- Atelier-Général-The-Rock-011
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All images © Adrien Williams

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