A Conceptual Take On The Swimming Pool By Littlewhitehead

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When Will It End?, Inner Landscape

littlewhitehead is the collaborative project of Scottish artists Craig Little and Blake Whitehead. Taking inspiration from the working class and post-industrial culture of Glasgow, the teamwork produces conceptual installations, sculpture, video and drawings that undermine the seriousness in society. In the installations ‘When Will It End?’ and ‘Inner Landscape’, littlewhitehead channel their dark humor through constructions that imitate the recognizable form of a swimming pool. Handrails assembled in ‘When Will It End?’ and the diving boards of ‘Inner Landscape’ respectively lead to a bed of ferns and a Persian rug, presenting a viewer with the tension between manipulated representations of reality, and the surrealist-approved opportunity for escapism to an imagined world. By distorting the context of the handrails and diving boards, the duo also allude to the ease at which a viewer can make assumptions based on components, rather than the whole.

All images © littlewhitehead

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