Tyler Mitchell’s Personal Portrait Series


Based in New York City, photographer and film director Tyler Mitchell is best known for his high-end style editorial shoots and to rove about at Givenchy parties with NYFW models. Mitchell’s work is diversified and varies between hip-hop, fashion, and conceptual photography. As he traverses among these worlds, his eyes have been opened to the attractions and downfalls of working with musicians and models, he started to think about creating worlds of his own, and photography’s frictional relationship with the Internet. While many filmmakers and photographers credit Tumblr as their main source of inspiration, Tyler Mitchell finds his subjects in real-life experiences. “I haven’t given up on the reblog-ready stuff, it has its place, but I’m just trying to cut through to something real; I’m tired of everyone existing on their internet platform,” he says. That attitude of trying to make work that’s honest can be seen across all his pictures of his Personal series.

All images © Tyler Mitchell

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