Benn+Penna Renovates A House In Sydney

Australian design-oriented practice Benn + Penna Architecture has recently renovated the Surry Hills House into a modest space filled with light and peaceful order.

Located in Sydney’s eastern suburbs, the house was supposed to become brighter and gain a better connection to the courtyard. The architects, who specialize in residential alterations, removed the back wall on the ground floor of the building, adding a new kitchen that opens up to the terrace. By blurring the line between the interior and the exterior, the architects from Benn + Penna provided their client with modest and peaceful place to live and work. The house’s owner describes: “The result is in fact better than I had expected when I started. The finishes chosen by Andrew gave the house a modern look while retaining its character, whilst the spaces are used in their best possible way and give the feeling of a beautiful home inundated by natural light.”

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All images © Tom Ferguson