2.OG Belvedere

Saint-Ange Residency By Studio Odile Decq


Although the location of ‘Saint-Ange Residency‘ is undoubtedly beautiful, it was not an easy one – set under the trees, on the slope leading toward the golf course, the site was quite a challenge.

“A belvedere seemed to us the evident solution.”
Designed by Studio Odile Decq, the house provides the breathtaking view on Grenoble’s valley. This is why, despite hard and narrow slope where it’s situated, creating a view overlooking the entire valley became the dominant idea for the project. “A belvedere seemed to us the evident solution: to see as much of the valley as possible by going above the trees, but without ever having a reverse view in order to protect the intimacy of the Tour Saint-Ange and its park,” explain the architects. To achieve that, they thought of the studio as of a tower with three different levels that twist to reach the view beyond the valley. A silent piece of art, the residence was made entirely of wood, with natural and stylish finishes. While the multiple openings in the facade allow the light pour into the living spaces during the day, the wood blinds, finished with the exact same material as the facade, allow the monolith to become all black and quiet during the night.

SO: Totale
SO: Totale
SO: Fassade
2.OG Belvedere
NW: Ausschnitt
N: Fassade
W: Totale

All images © Roland Halbe

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