A Life In Glimpses By Caroline Tompkins

Based in Brooklyn, New York, photographer Caroline Tompkins creates work with a particular sensibility for soft tones and serenity that show throughout her works.

After graduating from the School of Visual Arts in New York, Tompkins started to work as Photo Editor at Bloomberg Businessweek. Dealing with images on a daily basis, she is also involved in the zine culture, creating a series of feminist zines called ‘Girl Pains‘. I personally find the images Tompkins makes one of my most favorite type of contemporary photography – technically excellent, with delicate yet powerful color palette, her images offer an insight into photographer’s closest surroundings translated in unexpected aesthetic.  These photographs can be read in numerous ways, too: although each one of them tell individual story, they can easily be taken out of context as well, letting the viewer relate to the visual language Tompkins uses. It’s definitely worth it to take a look at other works by the American photographer, including her ongoing series focusing on young swimmers or the one where she captures her catcallers.

All images © Caroline Tompkins