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A Trip Through Northern Morocco


In her work, photographer Claudia Corrent explores the relationship between people and the environment, a theme which sees her traveling the world. We’ve featured Corrent’s photography before, and her work has already appeared in publications such as National Geographic, Vanity Fair and Der Spiegel. One of her excursions led her to Morocco, where she captured the country’s richness in vast landscapes and pastel-colored cities bathed in a golden light.

“I tried to identify the traces left behind by man in the environment to reflect on the concept of cultural landscape and the role played by man who live and transform the places.” Says Corrent about her trip: “On a journey through northern Morocco in 2002, I tried to identify the traces left behind by man in the environment to reflect on the concept of cultural landscape and the role played by man who live and transform the places. I photographed the cities of Tangier, Asilah and Chefchaouen, the streets and the squares as well as rural areas, the sea and people in their environment.

I loved the colors of the cities: Chefchaouen is all blue with a beautiful mountain, Asilah is a white town on the banks and Tangier has striking light at sunset. Then there are the strong smells of spices in the souks: turmeric, cinnamon, paprika. The sweet taste of mint tea. And the sounds are different. These is a the contrast between the sound of the muezzin’s call to prayer and the silence just before the sun goes down, as does the noise of the city.”

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All images © Claudia Corrent

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