The Layered Symbolism Of Krista van der Niet

Constructing her photographic still lives with an exceptional precision and high sense of aesthetics, Krista van der Niet reaches out the essence of mundane objects, celebrating simplicity and the purity of things. In her recent work, Dutch photographer interprets the ordinary by focusing on her own definition of the womanhood.

In a series of staged, poignant images, she captures female bodies in seemingly impossible poses, combining body parts with everyday objects soon to be forgotten in our pursuit of wealth and prosperity. The way van der Niet uses the items in her works opens up a dialogue about the representation of women in the modern society. By playing with stereotypes and clichés, she stands in a critical distance from the expectations upon women, openly questioning how she can fulfill all the roles a woman is supposed to carry out. The final images, although aesthetically captivating, leave the viewer uneasy about the positions van der Niet forced her subjects into.

All images © Krista van der Niet