Fashion Photography By Paul Jung

After graduating from the school of Visual Arts, taiwanese fashion photographer and art director Paul Jung received more and more attention in the fashion industry over the last years. Based in New York City, his singular polished style spreads across his fashion photography and music video direction. Analysing his work, sharp lines, minimalist textures and bold colors are the most notable components. Jung’s sleek and insignificant photographs are incredibly alluring. His style of fashion photography is minimal and pared back, where the drape and silhouette of fabrics are the focus more than an intricate narrative. The monochromatic palette extends this, allowing the shapes of overlapping limbs to work with the clothes rather than interrupt them. The combination of stretching models across grey backgrounds and beautiful fashion designs are creating an irresistible ambiguity. Paul Jung`s collaborations and clients include V, i-D, Vogue, COS, BMW, Dover Street Market, Comme des Garçons Trading Museum and Melitta Baumeister.

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All images © Paul Jung