The Blurred Lines Between Art And Fashion

One of fashion designer Faustine Steinmetz’s points of difference is the handcrafted element to her clothing. For a long time, every piece in her collection was handwoven in the designer’s studio. When Steinmetz bought her first handloom in 2013, she shortly after started with her very own interpretation of denim. However, in her SS16 fashion collection, the designer started to add industrially-produced clothing to her range in order to launch her label. Her FW16 collection impresses with simple shapes of everyday outfits, interpreted anew through unconventional material combinations. Structure and textiles are of a particular interest to the designer.

Steinmetz’s latest collection sees her going back to her artisanal roots to create handcrafted fashion again, blending extraordinary combinations of textures like hand-woven mohair, cotton, metallic yarns and mirrored leather. By producing monochromatic looks, she draws even more attention to the fabric and its processing. Mainly inspired by minimalist architecture, especially that of Isamu Noguchi, Steinmetz’s latest futuristic-looking bags are reminiscent of sculptures, too. Therefore it makes sense that the presentation of this season’s collection – in the remit of Tate Britain – came with an audio guide. Viewers could see her fashion only through rectangular slots in wide white box constructions.

FaustineSteinmetz_fashion_001 FaustineSteinmetz_fashion_002 FaustineSteinmetz_fashion_003 FaustineSteinmetz_fashion_004 FaustineSteinmetz_fashion_005 FaustineSteinmetz_fashion_006 FaustineSteinmetz_fashion_007 FaustineSteinmetz_fashion_008 FaustineSteinmetz_fashion_009 FaustineSteinmetz_fashion_010 FaustineSteinmetz_fashion_011 FaustineSteinmetz_fashion_012 FaustineSteinmetz_fashion_013 FaustineSteinmetz_fashion_014

All images © courtesy of Faustine Steinmetz