Archivist Presents An A-Z Of Chloé


For their fourth issue, Archivist have collaborated with Maison Chloé, following the opening of their archive in Paris. This edition celebrates over five decades of the fashion house’s history, presented in a contemporary editorial shoot to inspire a new generation.

Archivist was founded in 2012 by Jane Howard and Michael Harrison, with aims to generate conversation around the possibilities of an archive. In exploring this ‘museological dilemma’, Archivist places value on showcasing and reinterpreting fashion collections. The decision to prohibit adverts enables their approach to be inspirational rather than aspirational, establishing a platform that honors a purer form of creativity. These principles can be vividly perceived in their issue ‘Archivist Chloé. A-Z’, which presents a new interpretation of historic pieces in the collection of Maison Chloé. Photographed by Julien T. Hamon and styled by Howard, staples of Chloé’s archive appear in a new contemporary context. The images are laid out in double page spreads and formats reminiscent of journal collages, encouraging new narratives to form around iconic garments. In a statement about the publication’s ethos, Professor Judith Clark explains, “Archivist does not sell clothing, and it especially does not sell the new. What will unfold over the coming issues will be the different ways the past can be retrieved and celebrated and how various the ways are.”

‘Archivist Chloé. A-Z’ is available to purchase here.
All images © Archivist Editions

Photography by Julien T. Hamon
Fashion Direction by Jane Howard
Art Direction by Michael Harrison
Editing by Dal Chodha
Cast Direction by Juergen Schabes
Models: Bhumika at The Society, Emmanuelle at Silent Paris, Gwenola at Ford Paris, Jess PW at Elite Paris
Production by Roxanne Doucet
Hair by Yuji Okuda at Agence Saint Germain
Make-up by Megumi Zlatoff at Agence Saint Germain
Set Design by Maxime Faure
Paintings by Leanne Shapton


SALT by Boir x Ignant

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