Layered Drawings Exploring The Passing Of Time

Osaka-based artist Nobuhiro Nakanishi’s ‘Layer Drawings‘ capture the accumulation of time as a sculpture. Initiated in 2004, the series consists of photographs printed on transparent film and assembled in sequence that allows “viewers to experience the ephemerality of time and make their perception expand to the gap in between each moment.” In the words of the artist, the interplay between positive and negative space.” creates a certain kind of notion that reveals a thin boundary between this side and other side, and also expresses illusion and reality are endlessly turning around in this world.”

nobuhironakanishi_art_002 nobuhironakanishi_art_003 nobuhironakanishi_art_004 nobuhironakanishi_art_005 nobuhironakanishi_art_007 nobuhironakanishi_art_001 nobuhironakanishi_art_006

All images © courtsey of Yumiko Chiba Associates / Tadasu Yamamoto