Nudes In Exotic Natural Landscapes By Amanda Charchian


The book ‘Pheromone Hotbox’ celebrates photographer Amanda Charchian‘s series of nude portraits in exotic natural landscapes, taken between 2012 and 2015. With a background in fine arts, Charchian has exhibited her work in various galleries worldwide. The photographs were taken in places like Costa Rica, Iceland, Isreal and Cuba and Charchian’s subtle portraits feature female artists such as Lou Douillon, Ana Kraš and Langley Fox Hemingway.

On the topic of the process behind the photographs, a description about the book says, “Charchian approached her work for ‘Pheromone Hotbox’ with these key constructs in mind; that the subject be a female contemporary artist, that the artist should be foreign to the setting (a Sri Lankan actress in Cuba, a Serbian furniture designer in Costa Rica, a Chilean painter in Corsica, etc.), that there be no plan for the imagery other than it is shot nude, with the act of undressing integral to the process, heightened by adrenaline at the intersection of fear and excitement.” The book is available here.

All images © Amanda Charchian

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