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Capturing The Joy And Freedom Of Youth


Placing young people in the center of her works, Sonia Szóstak puts an emphasis on youth, nature and freedom in her practice. However, while capturing the models’ intimate moments, the Polish photographer manages to respect the thin line between privacy and exposure.

In a series of nudes set in stunning natural scenery, Szóstak’s not only shows the humans’ relationship with nature, but also captures the bond between two people, with all its tender gestures and vivid emotions. Focusing on the beauty of a young body, the photographer aims at showing its power in various contexts. With an excellent sensibility for composition and lighting, Szóstak references to the famous portraits of Venus, such as Georgione’s or Tycjan’s. However, she expresses much more that than pure beauty and perfect aesthetics – the models in the photographs are a subject rather than an object of art, consciously shaping their narratives. Taking us to the journey through the dreams and desires of her friends and models, Szóstak gives us a glimpse into the dreamy portraiture of her generation.

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All images © Sonia Szóstak

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