Photographer Lois Greenfield Captures Dancers In Motion


American photographer Lois Greenfield captures the beauty and elegance of dancers in motion. For her third book ‘Moving still’, Greenfield shot some of the most talented dancers from around the world in gravity-defying poses. In a statement about her work, Greenfield says, “I’ve spent the last 35 years of my photographic career investigating movement and its expressive potential. My inspiration has always been photography’s ability to stop time and reveal what the naked eye cannot see.”

All images © Lois Greenfield

Lois Greenfield_Photography_1Lois Greenfield_Photography_2Lois Greenfield_Photography_3Lois Greenfield_Photography_4Lois Greenfield_Photography_6Lois Greenfield_Photography_7Lois Greenfield_Photography_8Lois Greenfield_Photography_9Lois Greenfield_Photography_10
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