Photographer Maroesjka Lavigne Explores The Vast Solitude Of Namibia

Land Of Nothingness

For the series ‘Land of Nothingness‘, Belgian photographer Maroesjka Lavigne traveled to Namibia where she captured serene photographs of its vast landscape. The calm atmosphere in the images is dominated by pale hues of the desert and spotted with wildlife. At the same time, Lavigne seems to explore the themes of solitude and slowness in her photographs. Living and working in Ghent, Lavigne graduated from Ghent University with a Masters in Photography and has since then shown her work in various exhibitions around the world.

In a statement about the series, Lavigne says: “Patience is required to discover the wide range of Namibia’s ever-changing scenery. It literally takes you hours driving though nothing to arrive at… more of nothing. The sight of other people is rare and only the strategically located gas stations are a reminder of the world beyond.”

All images © Maroesjka Lavigne

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