A Clever Table Made Of Thin Lines By Nendo

Japanese studio Nendo designed a range of clever pieces which fit in nooks and crannies that are typically awkward spaces for furniture. The tables, made of a metal rod, exist as a thin outline on the borders and corners of rooms and push boundaries between furniture and space. The pieces were designed for a solo exhibition in Omotesando, Japan during Tokyo Designers Week 2015. In a statement about the designs, Nendo says, “The design utilizes the element of space as a part of its structure by ‘parasitizing’ on to the corners or edges of the walls, the edge of the floor and exhibition stands.” We’ve featured Nendo’s work previously.

Nendo_Design_featured Nendo_Design_1 Nendo_Design_3 Nendo_Design_4 Nendo_Design_7 Nendo_Design_6 Nendo_Design_5 Nendo_Design_8

All images © Masaya Yoshimura / Hiroshi Iwasaki