Minimal Surreal Portraits By Maria Svarbova

In the series ‘Human Space’, Slovakian photographer and artist Maria Svarbova captures surreal and strange scenes of figures in deserted landscapes. Her images, which are bathed in cool colors, feature subjects that typically have a blank and detached expression. Svarbova describes the aim of her photography as “delivering a message and triggering feelings with a focus on minimalism and purity.”

Maria Svarbova_Photography_1 Maria Svarbova_Photography_3 Maria Svarbova_Photography_4 Maria Svarbova_Photography_5 Maria Svarbova_Photography_6 Maria Svarbova_Photography_7 Maria Svarbova_Photography_8 Maria Svarbova_Photography_9 Maria Svarbova_Photography_10 Maria Svarbova_Photography_11 Maria Svarbova_Photography_12 Maria Svarbova_Photography_13

All images © Maria Svarbova