Intricate Body Sculptures Made Of Bike Chains By Young-Deok Seo


Korean artist Young-Deok Seo creates nude sculptures made of bike chains. In his work, he focuses on the human body and explores themes such as melancholy and despair. His intricate artworks are carefully sculpted and welded using chains and the cold material mirrors the expressed emotions.

In a statement about his work, Seo says: “I see the links of chains as the connections between information, which also resemble interchanges in brain circuits. In these countless connections, we are overwhelmed by the duty of making decisions. We are in agony because we do not know where to go at the interchange, but we must take an anxious step towards the complex future. I believe my work is an expression of the restless life of people living in the times of high-technology civilization.”

All images © Young-Deok Seo

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