Eyelashes Made Of Eggs, Snow And Plants By Mary Graham


In a project called ‘Natural’, UK-based designer Mary Graham created eyelashes using eggs, snow and leaves in order to explore the idea of natural beauty and what that constitutes. According to research from the designer, a product only has to contain 1% natural elements to be labeled as a natural product. To further delve into this issue, Graham worked within tough restraints to see if she could create a truly natural product. The result? Eggs and snow were combined to glue the eyelashes onto the eyelid and leaves from a local forest were utilized to build the lashes. Because each lash took an hour to make, she wanted to demonstrate how time-consuming it is to craft a 100% natural product.

All images © Mary Graham

Mary Graham_Photography_1Mary Graham_Photography_2Mary Graham_Photography_3Mary Graham_Photography_4Mary Graham_Photography_5Mary Graham_Photography_6
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