Intricate Paper-Cut Architecture Collages By Lucy Williams


At first glance, these images of modernist architecture look like photographs or computer visualizations. But in fact, they’re meticulous handcrafted paper collages, created by British artist Lucy Williams. The pieces, which depict scenes of deserted mid-20th century modernist architecture, typically start out as a detailed drawing. Then, the artist begins cutting out shapes from a variety of materials, including paper and cardboard, and carefully combines elements. See more about how the London-based artist works in the video below.

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All images © Lucy Williams / Timothy Taylor Gallery

Lucy Williams_Art_0Lucy Williams_Art_1Lucy Williams_Art_2Lucy Williams_Art_3Lucy Williams_Art_4Lucy Williams_Art_5Lucy Williams_Art_6Lucy Williams_Art_7Lucy Williams_Art_8Lucy Williams_Art_9Lucy Williams_Art_10
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