Stunning Satellite Images Of Human Impact On Earth


In the project ‘Daily Overview‘, New York City-based creative Benjamin Grant curates satellite images from the databases of DigitalGlobe to shed light on how humans have marked the Earth’s natural landscape. The series was inspired by the ‘overview effect’, which is a term that refers to an altered awareness that astronauts experience when given the chance to look down and view the Earth from orbit.

On the project’s mission, the Daily Overview website states: “From our line of sight on the earth’s surface, it’s impossible to fully appreciate the beauty and intricacy of the things we’ve constructed, the sheer complexity of the systems we’ve developed, or the devastating impact that we’ve had on our planet. We believe that beholding these forces as they shape our Earth is necessary to make progress in understanding who we are as a species, and what is needed to sustain a safe and healthy planet.”

All images © DigitalGlobe

Daily Overview_Photography_1Daily Overview_Photography_2Gemasolar Solar Concentraor - Seville, SpainDaily Overview_Photography_3Daily Overview_Photography_3.5Daily Overview_Photography_4GoldenGate_R1C1 - Version 2Daily Overview_Photography_6Version 3Daily Overview_Photography_8Daily Overview_Photography_9Tulip Fields - Lisse, NetherlandsIndustrial Buildings - Ansan, KoreaDaily Overview_Photography_10Daily Overview_Photography_11Daily Overview_Photography_12
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