Colorful Curacao


Pretty much everyone dreamt about it at least once: escape the rainy-cold winter and head to the sunny Caribbean. In the end of last year we had the unique chance to trade snowshoes and woolen hats for bathing trunks and bath towel, as our travel destination after a 10 hour long flight was Curacao.

Curacao is a 444 km² large island, that geographically belongs to South America. Until two years ago Curacao was the largest island of the Netherlands Antilles. You’ll still sense this walking through the streets of the capital Willemstad, as you get a more European than Caribbean feeling. The temperatures are rising up to 30 degrees during daytime and cools down to ca. 25 degrees in the evening. So you should rather leave pants and coats at home.

My cultural expectations on a Caribbean island were not too high: palms, the sea, sandy beaches and an all-exclusive hotel complex next to the other. And of course you may find this on Curacao but only in a small part, as the rest is pure adventure. No place is overran by tourists. So you can enjoy your experiences to the fullest and won’t have to share them with twenty other tourist groups. Breathtaking bays that are usually stuffed with busses and salesmen are completely deserted. On the streetcorners one will find abandoned villas, that could just as well be the filmset of a Hollywood production. Who likes to take pictures as we do will have major troubles to choose the right motif as there new and exciting things are waiting around almost every corner.

Although the sandy beach and the perfectly tempered sea were a huge temptation we decided to explore most of the island by car to capture our adventures with our cameras. Enjoy the first impressions of our trip. Another photo series as well as a video will follow soon.

Pictures by Clemens Poloczek & Marcus Werner

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