Minimal Geometric Home Installations By Filip Janssens

In the ‘Jointed Collection‘, Belgian designer Filip Janssens created a series of geometric furniture pieces inspired by Lego blocks and memories from his childhood. What started with seating and table designs developed into a full collection of minimal modular constructions that include shelving units as well as indoor/outdoor installations. For the ‘Jointed Cube’ piece, the designer used wood and a dark steel framework to create a multipurpose structure that aims to offer a new outdoor experience. Based in Essene, Janssens is a self-taught furniture and interior designer.

Filip Janssen_Design_01 Filip Janssen_Design_09 Filip Janssen_Design_08 Filip Janssen_Design_07 Filip Janssen_Design_06 Filip Janssen_Design_05 Filip Janssen_Design_03 Filip Janssen_Design_04 Filip Janssen_Design_02

All images © Filip Janssens | Via: Frame