Illustrated Interview With Eleonora Arosio


Milan-based freelance illustrator Eleonora Arosio, who we’ve featured previously, focuses on creating whimsical images that unveil common ironic occurrences from a woman’s point of view. Featuring mostly nudes, her aesthetic can be characterized by raw sketch lines, vibrant colors and simple shapes. She became passionate about drawing at an early age and graduated from the NABA Academy in Milan. We asked her to be a part of our Illustrated Interview series, read the full interview below…

What was the first thing you did today?

What are some main themes that your work explores?

What do you do in your spare time?

Your happy place?

Your guilty pleasure?

What does your current workspace look like?

I wouldn’t leave the house without…

How do you picture us?

To see more of Arosio’s work, take a look at her website and Tumblr.

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