Top 5 Lamps


When surfing the web, we always stumble upon beautiful things that we’d like to share with you. This time, we’ve collected our five favorite lamps. The following list includes items such as a recently invented lamp that only runs on saltwater as well as a ceramic series that challenges the way you think about the material. Have a look at our selection and enjoy!


The SALt Lamp by engineer Aisa Mijena is a newly constructed light object that can run on saltwater for 8 hours. Only a glass of water and two tablespoons of salt are needed to work in conjunction with the galvanized battery. Labeled as a ‘social movement’ on the product’s website, it’s a hugely innovative and useful creation where there’s no access to electricity.



Spanish design studio Daevas created the Inside Out lamp to explore the relationship between metal and concrete. The rough surface of the raw concrete is considered as the ‘outside’. Additionally, instead of a typical lampshade, they decided on a simple metal frame structure.



Marta Bordes created a colorful ceramic series of lamps titled ‘Elastic lights’. The geometric forms are held together with elastic cords and can be turned in any direction. By transforming the ceramics into a part of the technical mechanism, the designer challenges our traditional perception of ceramics as a static material.



This lamp by SturlesiDesign consists of an exposed light bulb that is placed on a concrete block. It combines humor with modern simplicity. The handmade table lamp belongs to a series of hidden LED lamps.



The designers behind LampenSchmiede Studio create new lamps out of old reflex cameras. They put the light bulbs in front of the lenses and added a textile cable. The lamps can be used as a wall lamp, but can be also placed on a tripod.

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