Architectural Designs By Philippe Malouin


Canadian designer Philippe Malouin creates minimal furniture pieces, such as chairs, tables and lightings, for a range of clients including Ace Hotel, Established & Sons and Umbra Shift. Whether it’s the Mollo armchair entirely made of foam or a lamp consisting of a single brick, the architectural designer puts a special emphasis on the materials he uses. In a statement about his designs, Malouin says: “It’s based on geometry or 1950s and 1960s American minimal art: forms and shapes that I would want in my home, rather than trendy things. Design is evolving at the speed of fashion, and it’s not necessarily creating lasting pieces.” Living and working in London, the award-winning designer also creates large-scale installations.

Mollo armchair

Mdf vessels (photo by Justin Boberly)



Ace Stool (photo by Marius W Hansen)

Brick lamp

Hanger chair

Balance box

Typecast chair

All images © Courtesy of Philippe Malouin

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