Michele Durazzi Creates Surreal Minimalist Architecture Images

In the project ‘Was ist Metaphysik?‘ (‘What is metaphysics?’), Florence-based designer Michele Durazzi combines architectural details and natural landscapes to create striking surreal cityscapes. The 3D images, which are not based on real-life architecture, zoom-in on geometric elements as well as explore the realm where philosophy and architecture crossover. The series is also named after a philosophical work by Martin Heidegger. Delving into ‘surreal minimalism’, Durazzi juxtaposes familiar scenes with fabricated structures and invites viewers to construct a reality of their own.

Michele Durazzi_Architecture_09 Michele Durazzi_Architecture_08 Michele Durazzi_Architecture_04 Michele Durazzi_Architecture_02 Michele Durazzi_Architecture_13 Michele Durazzi_Architecture_05 Michele Durazzi_Architecture_01 Michele Durazzi_Architecture_03 Michele Durazzi_Architecture_10 Michele Durazzi_Architecture_06 Michele Durazzi_Architecture_14 Michele Durazzi_Architecture_07

All images © Michele Durazzi | Via: Architectural Digest