Akira Oozawa Documents The Playful Adventures Of His Twin Daughters


Graphic designer Akira Oozawa takes heartwarming images of his twin daughters. The girls look like they’re having so much fun posing for the camera, exploring their surroundings and doing whatever children do when discovering the world.
Next to his pre-school twins, Akira Oozawa has also a fifth-grader daughter and third-grader son. And even though the twins look alike, their character is very different. He states: “The older one is cautious and dependent, and the younger one is short-tempered, selfish and breaks everything that comes in her way. And while they show no signs of ‘twin telepathy’, they do cooperate in things. And by ‘things’ I mean ‘fighting their brother’.” Follow his Instagram for more.

All images © Akira Oozawa

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