Wisdom for my Children by Brandon Kidwell


Photographer Brandon Kidwell created a series of double exposure portraits that he called ‘Wisdom for my Children’. He created the images with his iPhone and post-processed using some photo apps to impart some wisdom based on real experiences that Brandon went through with his children and symbolic of some piece of advice he gave them.

He states: “Raising children is the most important thing I’ll ever do with my life. A year ago I started to use double exposures to portray life lessons and wisdom inspired by issues that came about in my children’s lives. I hope that these portraits and the messages they contain are received and will resonate with my children and the decisions they make.”

To find truth, sometimes you have to reach into the darkness.

Sometimes what we fear the most is only something we haven’t grasped an understanding of.

In order to follow your heart, you must first find your mind.

Being free means having the courage to let go.

Lost time is never found again.

To find your courage, you must first find your fears.

Failure and Regret are reserved for those who are afraid to reach with their heart

All images © Brandon Kidwell | Via: Huffingtonpost

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