G House by Esaú Acosta


G House by Esaú Acosta is located in an expanding area in Tenerife, comprised of houses of different sizes and ages. The project aims to generate space, with an element of surprise, combining simple spaces that increase the catalogue of domestic experiences.

The house is arranged around two seasonal courtyards, the inner courtyard can be used for winter activities (cooking and dining) while the outer courtyard can be used as a terrace in summer. The different characters of the courtyards are also expressed in their materiality: one is made out of wood, the other one of glass and plants. The illusion of making spaces look bigger is achieved by shifting the stacked volumes of the same width but different lengths. The construction is made of local materials; the concrete’s thermal inertia is combined with the timber’s warmth in the winter courtyard and the glass’ lightness in the summer courtyard.

All images © Esaú Acosta

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