Urban Yoga by Anja Humljan


Artist, architect, dancer and yoga teacher Anja Humljan created the Urban Yoga project, inviting people to join and surrender with their whole body to what they smell, touch, taste, see and hear in order to experience how does their city feel. Humljan went off the mat and into the city to change the way we feel, breath and move through urban environment. For her, our urban environment should not be regarded as something, which disturbs our harmony, but rather as a vital element that contributes to it.

She states: “As long as our bodies will relate to real space, as our heart relates to our body, cities will remain blossoming, citizens will live a fruitful life, and as for architecture itself, it will continue to direct our consciousness back to the world and towards our own sense of being.”

Last year Anja Humljan successfully funded a Kickstarter project to publish her Urban Yoga Photo Book that you can purchase here.

Images © New York Jaka Vinsek, Madrid Emilio P. Doiztua, Paris Antoine Le Grand, Ljubljana Primoz Lukezic

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