Maitencillo House


Located in Altavista subdivision, at the mouth of the valley Catapilco, the Maitencillo House by Mas Fernandez architectos represents an austere housing solution as a second home.

The root of the project arises from a basic geometric figure “The Rectangle”, which allows a simple location of the house in the area, taking into account the orientation and the views, and solves the small program in a very easy way, separating the bedrooms from the service spaces by the living room. The basic structure consists of a main wooden truss which diagonally crosses the 5 x 20 meters plant. As it progresses towards its midpoint decreases in section, generating two triangular covers.
Like a fishing boat, the coastal holding these covers are anchoring from the perimeter to this central beam that acts as a backbone. For the envelope an asphalt membrane was chosen because of its simplicity and low maintenance, which also allowed the architects to generate a continuous coating for the volume.

Casa Tunquen has also been designed by Mas Fernandez architectos.

All images © Nicolás Saieh

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