De Tafelwip by Marleen Jansen


Dutch designer Marleen Jansen encourages good table manners with her project ‘De Tafelwip’. The fun and fanciful table features a see-saw seating that allows a little playfulness at the table while also making sure your partner will not thoughtlessly leave the table as in that case, you’ll end up on the floor. A nice project that revives our good breeding, reminding us, that cell phones, TV and other media has no place in our social get togethers.

All images © Wim de Leeuw

Tafelwip Marleen Jansen_01Tafelwip Marleen Jansen_02Tafelwip Marleen Jansen_03Tafelwip Marleen Jansen_04Tafelwip Marleen Jansen_05Tafelwip Marleen Jansen_06Tafelwip Marleen Jansen_07
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