A Walk through Amsterdam

We went to beautiful Amsterdam together with Airbnb. Amsterdam is home to roughly 750,000 inhabitants and a positive proof that good things come in small packages. Although it was raining a lot while we visited the city, we kind of fell in love with the warm, nice and down-to-earth people, the tasty food and hot tea. It’s pretty much impossible not to enjoy Amsterdam, even if it’s raining cats and dogs outside.

Like most popular tourist destinations, Amsterdam is is a two–faced city. There are busy and crowded streets, bars and restaurants around the historic city center, where tourists hang out but if you walk off the beaten path, you’ll quickly come across small, bohemian streets with calm little cafés and nice spots to grab a bite or find a special souvenir. Some visitors apparently need to learn about the many many bicycles and their kamikaze drivers the hard way; by thinking that pretty sounding bell ringing behind you, and getting louder fast, is a friendly cyclist with a bicycle basket filled with tulips. You couldn’t be more wrong. It’s most likely a bunch of strafers who ride their bike like it’s a rocket whacking everything and everyone who gets in their way. So better make sure to check twice before crossing the streets, just a hint.

Of course we visited some special people in Amsterdam that you’ll meet on the blog soon. Though we had some more places on our list that we wanted to visit and we’d like to share them with you. We’d also love to hear some more recommendations from your end. Lot Sixty One Coffee Roasters looks like a promising place to grab a nice cup of coffee as well as the lunch spot SLA. The creative centre Frame in the historic Felix Meritis building is quite special. The Foam Photography Museum is definitely still on the list and we also want to hop on a bike ourselves to ride with the flow. Which are your favourite places in town?

Thank you Airbnb for being such a great host

Photography by Matei Plesa