Martin Bruno Opens Up A New Perspective On The World


Paris based, half-Dane photographer Martin Bruno loves to travel the world, capturing nearly everything that appears interesting to him and comes in front of his lens. Martin describes himself as a wanderer, inspired by music and film. His body of work comprises different subjects, from a post-apocalyptic story on the island of Lanzarote to wine harvest in Georgia. For Martin, photography is a hunt for the light, moving to places where you have to express yourself with your own hands and face. His art is multifaceted, showing the hauntingly beautiful people and landscape of Iceland, delicious specialities such as fish, cheese or fruits, as well as Hermès bags and scarfs perfectly set at the beach or on rocks. Martin Bruno has been photographed for Intersection Magazine, L’Officiel Art Magazine, Le Monde d’Hermès as well as many others.

All Images © Martin Bruno

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