Close To Home By Andie Wilkinson


France-based photographer Andie Wilkinson created the series ‘Close to Home’, an on-going series that revolves around rural family life in South West France. As the title suggests, the pictures were all taken from within a close radius of the photographer’s home and feature family, friends and neighboring farm animals. The series is put together by ‘Close to Home: Autumn’ and ‘Close to Home: Summer’.

Andie Wilkinson states: “With ‘Autumn’, beyond the obvious seasonal references, I’m trying to explore a sense of imminent loss in a broader sense, a kind of suspension of time, a reconciliation between appreciating something deeply and the knowledge that it will soon be gone.
‘Summer’ is more of a celebration, an expression of a sort of feral physical liberty that I wished for my children, an immersion in and celebration of the nature that we find ourselves living in.​”

All images © Andie Wilkinson

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