Sunday Pleasure – Homemade Popsicles

While summer is already coming to an end here in Berlin, we still like to keep some of the warm season’s ease for the colder days that are yet to come. And there’s no better symbol for summer days than a fresh and sweet popsicle. In this Sunday Pleasure feature, we offer you five easy recipes to make your own, delicious ice pops to keep those lovely summer memories alive.

Note: All of our recipes include the use of popsicle molds. While we recommend you to get one because they are really affordable at any kitchenware store, you could use small plastic cups as a disposable alternative. But don’t forget to add your wooden sticks before it’s solid!


1 watermelon
1 cup of sugar
half a cup of chocolate chips
ready-made lime sorbet, or any other green ice cream

Spoon out the watermelon flesh and smash it in a bowl, add the sugar and blend it together. Push the mixture through a wire strainer and freeze it until it has a slushy-like texture. Now add the chocolate chips and fill the popsicle molds – start with the watermelon pulp and add some green lime sorbet on top.


1 cup of mixed berries
juice of one lime
3 tablespoons of sugar
2 cups of greek yoghurt
half a cup of coconut milk
a pinch of salt

Mix the berries, lime juice and a spoon with sugar and let it sit for about 15 minutes, then smash the berries with a fork. Take a second bowl and mix the greek yogurt, coconut milk, two spoons of sugar and a pinch of salt for some spice. Add the berry mixture but don’t blend it together, that way you’ll get those beautiful streaks in your ice pops. Fill your popsicle molds and let it freeze for at least four hours.


6 ripe and soft bananas
half a cup of Nutella

Use a fork to squish the bananas into an even mass, add the nutella and blend it all together. Pour it into the popsicle molds and freeze for about 3-4 hours to get a solid but creamy texture. You can also experiment with peanut butter or any other breadspread you might have at home.


1 cup of blueberries
half a cup of water
2-3 tablespoons of maple syrup
1 cup of vanilla yogurt
half a cup of milk
a tablespoon of vanilla

Take a saucepan and heat the berries, water and maple syrup on medium heat until it gets syrupy and the juices start to flow. While you let it cool, mix the other ingredients in a second bowl. Now take your molds and fill them, alternating one spoon of the berries and the yogurt mixture.


1 cup of cream cheese
a little sour cream
half a cup of powdered sugar
one third of a cup of milk
a couple of fresh strawberries
a couple of butter cookies
1 tablespoon of melted butter

Blend the cream cheese, sour cream, sugar and strawberries until well combined. You can already fill it into the molds, but leave some space for the cookie crust. Crush the cookies in a blender and slowly add the butter until it sticks together like wet sand. Fill the rest of your molds and softly push the crust down to make it solid.