Plexus No.19


Gabriel Dawe’s site specific colorful installations seem like fragmented rays of light frozen in space. This body of work, ‘Plexus No.19’ was exhibited in the atrium of Villa Olmo in Como, Italy, in the context of ‘Miniartextil’ an annual exhibition of contemporary art linked, in one way or another, to textiles.

Dawe’s installations explore the implications of thread and fibers as loaded materials that relate to the complicated construction of gender and identity throughout the western world as well as the artist’s origin, Mexico. These installations are related as well to the human need for shelter and man’s ultimate vulnerability. One thing fashion and architecture have in common is their function of protecting the human body. In his work he manages to create something that is symbolic of the non-physical structures humanity uses to survive as a species by using the main component of clothing—sewing thread—and generating an architectural structure with it, scale and material are reversed to create a new construction that no longer shelters the material needs of the body. By using the full spectrum of color – the fragmentation of natural light – Dawe alludes to the order hidden behind the chaos of nature.

All images © Gabriel Dawe

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