House in Balsthal


PASCAL FLAMMER created this timber house in Balsthal. There are two principal floors; one set 75 cm below the earth, one 1.50 m above. The ground floor consists of one single family room with a noticeably low horizontal ceiling. In this space there is a physical connection with the nature outside the continuous windows.

The space above is the inverse. This floor is divided into four equal rooms with 6m high ceilings. The height defines the space. Large windows open to composed views of the wheat field. Whereas the ground floor is about connecting with the visceral nature of the context, the floor above is about observing nature – a more distant and cerebral activity.


House in Balsthal_01House in Balsthal_02House in Balsthal_03House in Balsthal_04House in Balsthal_05House in Balsthal_06House in Balsthal_08House in Balsthal_09House in Balsthal_10House in Balsthal_11House in Balsthal_12
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