Artist studio by Raanan Stern


In the artist’s central Tel Aviv apartment, architects Raanan Stern and Shany Tal from Raanans Stern’s Studio designed a versatile 20 sqm studio workspace. Every piece of the artist was measured, organized and ordered according to groups, sizes and artistic connections.

Every cell, cupboard or drawer was designed internally according to the required proportions, only when the drawer is opened the colorful mosaic of the storage section is revealed. In addition, different sections were planned and built for displaying and storing work, tools and materials. The smaller sections can be removed from the larger frame units and placed on the table during work. Removable sliding doors are actually pallets that pieces can be placed on for presentation or that can be used as modular easels.

The Artist uses the space to host colleagues and behind the sliding doors there is also a folding bed for the dual functionality of the room.

All images © Gidon Levin

Raanan Stern01Raanan Stern02Raanan Stern03Raanan Stern04Raanan Stern05Raanan Stern06Raanan Stern07
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