4 Days to Detroit

4 Days to Detroit

IGNANT was always and will always be a passion for us. We love to discover the beauty of things, we love to explore new places around the world, to meet interesting people and make new friends. We are thankful for the opportunities we are constantly given through this amazing blog.

Over the years it also became home to our own approaches towards photography and filmmaking. We took the chance to produce exciting video- and photography features and when we’re looking back at the stories we’ve already realized it was always big fun for us and the people we worked with.
But if you know us, you may have recognized that we can’t sit still and are always looking for new challenges and new ways to create. That’s what we do with iGNANT and soon also with a brand new project.

We are more than excited to announce the launch of our new magazine called ABOUTNOW in March 2014. ABOUTNOW is focusing on Men’s Fashion and Lifestyle and we can’t wait to explore this world together with you and show you our very own view on everything that’s connected to it.

Here we’ll also introduce new video- and photo productions and we are looking forward to share all the exclusive Features we were working on for the past months.

One of the first videos is a short movie that originated from a collaboration between ABOUTNOW and iGNANT. For this film Mercedes-Benz sent us on a roadtrip through the United States. In only 4 days, more than 1400 miles an 9 states we went all the way from Houston via New Orleans, Nashville, Louisville up to Detroit where Mercedes-Benz presented their latest version of the Mercedes C-Class.
It was an amazing trip and we had so much fun exploring different parts of the country in such a short period of time. We want to thank Mercedes-Benz for this opportunity and are already excited about our upcoming collaborations.


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